Senate Filibuster Under Heightened Scrutiny Amid Far-Left Bills

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Democrats in Congress have a variety of bills that they’d like to pass into law. These bills include the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, For the People Act, gun control, a $15 federal minimum wage, etc. 

While the names of certain Democrat-backed bills sound fairly benign, the content of the legislation is anything but.

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The PRO Act would force Americans into unions whether they like it or not and wreak significant havoc upon the gig economy and freelance market; meanwhile, the For the People Act would outlaw photo ID requirements for voting while giving the federal government serious power in state-run elections. 

Right now, the Senate filibuster is one of the few real safeguards blocking disastrous policies from coming into law. This is why Democrats are tiring of the filibuster and getting more vocal about their interests in scrapping it altogether, as reported by Washington Examiner

Leftists Against the Senate Filibuster

When the Senate filibuster served Democrats, they were all in favor of it. Now that it benefits Republicans as the minority party, Democrats want the filibuster gone. 

However, Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat known for taking moderate and centrist stances on occasion, is not supportive of ending the Senate filibuster. Moreover, Manchin also believes that certain bills which have passed the House of Representatives need to be tweaked and modified in the Senate. 

Last week, Manchin rejected President Biden’s comparison of the Senate filibuster to the Jim Crow era of decades passed. Manchin stated that throughout his time in Congress, he’s been in both the minority and majority party; hence, the West Virginia Democrat believes that his party ought to work with Republicans on legislation and reach common ground. 

In a nutshell, this senator’s stance is frustrating his more radical colleagues who have zero interest in working with Republicans to pass legislation. 

The Truth About Ending the Filibuster

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is stating that the filibuster ought to remain as is; McConnell also notes that when he led the Senate as the majority leader, he did not do away with the filibuster. 

Here are the facts: when Democrats were in the Senate minority, they had no issues with using the filibuster to block the passing of certain GOP legislation. When Democrats could benefit from the filibuster, there was also no comparing it to Jim Crow. 

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