Serious Produce Shortages May be Coming Soon

Shortages have become synonymous with the Biden administration at this point in time. Days ago, #BareShelvesBiden trended on Twitter as social media users shared viral images of empty shelves in grocery stores.

These empty shelves come amid an ongoing supply chain crisis that’s been raging since 2021. Biden, with all his vaccine mandates and other harmful measures, is certainly not doing anything to avert this predicament.

Instead, this president and his administration are going after meat conglomerates and producers, accusing these bodies of intentionally price gouging.

Now, warnings of serious produce shortages are officially here, as Fox Business confirms.

What to Know About Potential Produce Shortages

John Catsimatidis, a billionaire and the CEO of Gristedes, stated the presence of omicron is having seriously adverse impacts on the supply chain, drivers, warehouses, loaders, etc.

The CEO also explained that as more folks call in sick, it’s causing impediments in the ability for goods to reach their intended destinations. For these reasons, Catsimatidis is of the view that eggs and meat could become harder to access.

Right now, backlogs in the supply chain and other related issues are expected to persist over the course of the next six weeks. Furthermore, as a result of sky-high demand and scarce supply, the prices for these goods are also soaring through the rooftops.

Finally, the increase of oil prices is only serving to worsen this situation. As many Americans can remember, Biden engendered the increase of oil prices by shutting down Keystone XL pipeline, in addition to barring oil and gas drilling on federal waters and federal lands.

Now, the American people are forced to pay for this in the form of longer delays, higher prices, and supplies that are harder to come upon.

An AWOL White House

Amid the current crisis and potential shortages to come, the White House is absent without leave, as per usual.

In fact, the Biden administration has yet to enact a comprehensive plan to reduce prices and unclog the supply chain. Instead, Biden and his allies are too busy trying to kill the Senate filibuster and ram partisan bills through Congress.

As midterms approach, it will be impossible for Americans to forget about bare shelves in grocery stores, higher prices, inflation, and issues with the supply chain.

This is all the more reason why Biden’s allies in Congress need to be promptly voted out of office. These lawmakers aren’t doing a single thing to better the situations of people in this country.

At this time, Democrats have shown their only focus lies in advancing their own agendas and seeking more power.

What do you think about the possibilities of meat and egg shortages happening in the United States? We look forward to reading your feedback down below.