Several States Phase Out Federal COVID Benefits Program

The time and need for COVID unemployment benefits ended long ago. With so many businesses looking to bring new employees onboard, there is no shortage of job opportunities for Americans who are truly interested in them. 

Democrats have been fighting tool and nail to keep COVID unemployment going, even in spite of present labor shortages. The left-wing argument asserts that federal handouts are not incentivizing a lack of returns to work; however, these same Democrats also oppose stipulations that would require people to show proof of a job search in order to collect the aforementioned benefits. 

In spite of partisan noise from the left, Republicans are taking real action to ensure that people get back to work. This past weekend, several more GOP-led states opted out of federal COVID unemployment benefits, as Washington Examiner reports. 

Ending the Gravy Train

On Saturday, North Dakota, Alabama, Wyoming, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Idaho joined the list of states to opt out of the federal government’s COVID-centered unemployment benefits. The bow out from this program follows not-so-good job reports for last month and April. 

Both April and May have also seen a lower number of jobs added to the economy than anticipated. While Democrats continue to peddle the false narrative that unemployment benefits have no bearing on folks not working, the numbers and data prove otherwise. 

Americans living in states that have opted out of COVID benefits from the federal government can now begin to look for work. Getting Americans into employment will benefit currently jobless folks; it will also help businesses remain afloat, thus benefiting the nation’s economy at large. 

Having mass amounts of people simply choosing not to work when jobs are aplenty will not do. The time has come to end the gravy train and ensure that people are reliant on themselves, not handouts from the federal government. 

Ending Government Dependence

Nationwide dependence on government is not sustainable, nor is it in keeping with American values. There’s dignity in working and in having a job; yet, Democrats continue to disparage this with debunked left-wing talking points. 

Some Democrats have even gone as far as asserting that the federal government’s extra $300 per week should be permanent in the United States. This is not sustainable; the national deficit is already in the tens of trillions, climbing with each passing second. 

Moreover, it is not conducive to have the government putting businesses out of existence. This is essentially what would happen if Democrats got their way and had full-time, permanent checks being given to Americans. 

Are you glad that more states are opting out of federal COVID unemployment benefits? Do you believe this will get more of the American people back to work? Be sure to share your ideas in the comments section below.