Sixth Graders Fed Bugs by Lunatic Climate Change Activist Teacher!

The woke mob has been making some serious progress in Utah. Most recently, they’ve taken over the state’s Nebo School District, promoting an eco-friendly diet that will help them “prepare” for climate change.

However, this change doesn’t include any tasty food to get sixth graders excited about the curriculum they’re studying. Rather, their teacher tried to feed them worms and bugs as part of an assignment teaching them about climate change.

Climate change has slowly morphed from a movement into a cult

After being presented with the creepy crawlies, the students were then given a deadline for a paper on how and why they would prefer to consume insects over cow meat, almost as if we’re living in some woke vegan-esque dystopia.

It’s no secret that the eco-friendly crowd is oftentimes a bunch of kooks, at least for the most part. However, they usually just stay out of everyone’s business until it’s time to hit the streets in protest, save for a few bad apples who decide to spill Campbell’s soup on art pieces.

Sadly, it seems that the times of peaceful protest are over. Now, they’ve infiltrated their way into our schools, much like the gender identity movement did, teaching our children that bug meat is the only correct way to get some protein in their diet.

Apparently, someone decided that a bunch of sixth graders are ready to be presented with the data on how beef impacts weather patterns. This is a concept that’s fairly alien, difficult to understand, and often taken out of context just to prove a point.

Climate change cultists

However, these essays didn’t allow for any original thought. The children tasked with writing them were forced to agree with the notion that bug steak beats a good ol’ ribeye any day of the week.

In fact, students were even given extra credit for consuming the bugs they were presented with, which were sourced from a commercial site specializing in bug-based foods, at least according to the school district.

A concerned mother challenged the school’s principal on the matter, arguing the assignment made her daughter, who is very much afraid of bugs, extremely uncomfortable, likening the teacher’s actions to indoctrination into a cult.

In typical leftist fashion, the school weaseled its way out of responsibility, claiming the assignment’s purpose was merely to help children find facts to support the climate alarmist premise the teacher was presenting.

They went as far as claiming that none of the teachers deemed bug eating to be an offensive topic for the children or their parents, almost as if it’s something normal.

If that were the case, the teacher’s lounge would have a constant supply of cocktail sauce grasshoppers and earthworm burgers or whatever it is that the eco-friendly bunch would want us all to be eating.

Unfortunately, it’s not just our bbq habits they’re after. The climate change cult has already tried taking shots at the gasoline industry. Several car companies are jumping on the bandwagon, claiming they’ll completely stop with gasoline-powered vehicle production in a few years.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.