Small Business Community Slams Biden COVID Vaccine Mandate

When Joe Biden announced sweeping COVID vaccine requirements for businesses with over 100 staffers, he truly overplayed his hand. This latest aggressive move to force vaccinate American citizens isn’t turning out the way the president thought.

For starters, resignations are up, as Americans decide they will not be bullied into getting a vaccine they don’t want. The business community and various establishments are feeling the impacts of these resignations as police, healthcare workers, first responders, and others step down due to the COVID vaccine mandate.

Secondly, Biden’s already getting sued over this. Arizona’s GOP attorney general brought a lawsuit against the president days ago. Meanwhile, other Republican governors and states have confirmed that the moment Biden’s vaccine order is officially active, they will sue as well.

Countless Republicans maintain that Biden’s vaccine mandate will never stand up in a court of law. Now, the small business community is demanding the president to drop this overreaching edict at once, as Breitbart News confirms.

The Small Business Community vs. Biden

In a public statement, the Job Creators Network came out and condemned the unlawful COVID vaccine mandate that Biden’s trying to force on businesses across the country. The statement reads that the president needs to cease this “onerous” measure.

Likewise, Job Creators Network revealed in the statement that they’ve informed the Biden administration of their plan to take legal action that will stop the vaccine mandate. The small business community likewise declared that in order for Democrats to cease their war against small businesses, this mandate needs to go.

At this time, the president has not issued a public statement in response to the Job Creators Network. However, it is readily apparent that large swaths of Americans are united in opposition to this ridiculous mandate.

Many Americans have protested against COVID vaccine mandates, with one of the latest demonstrations happening in Times Square this past weekend. Biden isn’t winning anyone over and his poll numbers continue to tank.

United We Stand

Unified opposition against the tyranny in the White House is the very best hope of defeating it. When it’s all said and done, Republican governors and leaders, the small business community, healthcare workers, first responders, and other workers across the nation have each made clear they don’t want Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Furthermore, as more people quit their jobs over this requirement, it’s making businesses do a double-take. With more employees leaving their posts, establishments will have a hard time operating. This, too, makes COVID vaccine mandates like Biden’s even more guaranteed to fail.

What do you think about the Job Creators Network’s response to President Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate? Do you believe this mandate has a chance of withstanding all the lawsuits coming against it? Let us know in the comments area.