Snapchat Accuses President of Inciting “Racial Violence”

Snapchat Accuses President of Inciting “Racial Violence”

( – Conservatives have accused social media platforms of censoring them in various ways, including shadow banning. It seems their concerns were confirmed last week when Twitter started targeting President Donald Trump. Snapchat is now taking a page from the Twitter/Facebook playbook.

In a June 3 statement, Rachel Racusen, a spokesperson for Snapchat Inc, said the platform won’t promote the president on its Discover page any longer. She said the company doesn’t want to “amplify voices who incite racial violence.” Snap CEO Evan Spiegel echoed the spokesperson.

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale said the social media company is trying to interfere in the election.

It sure seems like Snapchat is trying to rig the election. Why else would they decide to censor the president at a time like this? The question is: What’s Congress going to do about it?

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