Snowstorms, Flight Cancellations Rampage Across America

So far, 2022 has not necessarily gotten off to the smoothest of starts for many people in the United States.

Earlier this month, New England saw very severe snowstorms. These storms were no joke; they caused massive delays in transit, so much so that folks on the road got stuck in their vehicles for longer than 24 hours.

Meanwhile, issues with air travel carried over from the Christmas 2021 holiday season into the new year. As airlines appeared to be working out some issues, they’ve been hit again with another round of new cancellations and delays.

As Fox Business makes note of, these cancellations and delays are engendered by new storms gripping southeastern areas of the United States.

Mass Disruptions Across America

States such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, etc., are bearing the brunt of snowstorms. Many Americans who live in these communities are also reporting significant power outages.

Meanwhile, governors in the aforementioned states declared emergencies and urged residents to stay off of the roads and highways if feasible. With crews being sent out to fix electrical outages, having the least amount of traffic is preferable.

Meanwhile, the snowstorms have led to significant accidents with individuals on the roads. Assistance is being sent out to these folks as well. Moreover, travelers who have no choice but to be on the roads are facing warnings to proceed with caution, amid black ice.

Right now, the largest drivers of electrical power outages are turning out to be heavy winds, fallen branches, and ice.

New Issues with Air Travel

Yesterday alone caused significant disturbances for individuals planning to travel via aircraft. More than 5,000 flights were delayed on Sunday; meanwhile, more than 4,000 flights were altogether cancelled.

Travelers at the airports in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina were most likely to get the bad news of waits or cancellations. Meanwhile, the airlines that were forced to cancel the greatest numbers of flights were Delta, American, and Southwest.

Airlines informed the media that cancellations which occurred over the weekend were done in advance, rather than at the eleventh hour.

Furthermore, these companies stated they were working with customers to inform them as soon as possible about flight groundings, in addition to assisting with getting travelers on active flights.

Over the course of this week, time will tell whether storms get better or worse. Meanwhile, individuals without electrical power amid snowstorms are likewise very much eager for their respective providers to get this fixed.

Americans in impacted areas are advised to tune into their local news stations and follow weather updates.

Are you in southeastern America or other places across the country suffering impacts from snowstorms and electrical power outages? Let us know below in the comments area how you’re holding up.