Some Democrats Change Their Tune on Voter ID Requirements

The Democrat Party has spent the longest time alleging that voter ID requirements are racist. Leftists somehow believe that minorities in the United States are incapable of obtaining photo ID; this false sentiment is one that Republicans have described as racist and as the bigotry of low expectations. 

Right now, Democrats are working day and night to pass the For the People Act through Congress. This bill would not only outlaw states from managing their own elections, but would also ensure that taxpayer dollars go into campaigns for Democrat candidates. For the People Act would furthermore ban the requirements of voter ID laws. 

So many Democrats claim that voter ID laws are nothing more than the modern-day Jim Crow. However, Fox News reports that some Democrats are attempting to walk back their anti-voter ID rhetoric. 

A Softer Stance on Voter ID Laws from Democrats? 

Right now, Democrats are beginning to realize that they cannot ram For the People Act through a 50/50 Senate without any bipartisan support. Therefore, certain members of the Democrat Party who dishonestly vilified voter ID requirements as racist are now shifting gears. 

Georgia left-wing activist Stacey Abrams, for instance, stated earlier this week that she would support a new provision from Sen. Joe Manchin regarding the For the People Act. The Democrat senator’s provision calls to extend voter ID requirements and allow for other forms of identification (such as a utility bill) to count. 

Abrams has previously denounced voter ID requirements as right-wing racism. However, the failed Georgia 2018 gubernatorial candidate changed her tune. Abrams said that she could fully back what Manchin is proposing.

Just this week, Abrams asserted that it is a “fallacy” of conservative talking points that Democrats oppose voter ID; however, Abrams herself has publicly opposed voter ID on multiple occasions. Republicans are wasting no time in reminding her of this. 

A Political About-Face?

The only reason why Democrats are changing their tune on voter ID requirements is to pass the For the People Act. 

Here’s the reality, though: small concessions on voter ID requirements do nothing to fix other disastrous components within the For the People Act. Manchin’s move to find common ground with Republicans is a mild starting point; however, it doesn’t address the reality that this elections bill pads Democrats’ campaigns with taxpayer dollars. 

The For the People Act also still strips states of the power to run their own elections. Moreover, Democrats (and Democrats, alone) still stand a lot to gain from this legislation. It is not a clean voting bill, regardless of how Stacey Abrams and other leftists shift their positions on voter ID laws. 

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