South Carolina Revives Death Penalty Via Firing Squads

There are varying opinions about the death penalty in the United States.

Proponents of it argue that when individuals commit certain heinous crimes, they give up their rights. There are also concerns about the burden on taxpayers that comes along with inmates being housed in prisons for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, opponents of the death penalty contend that it’s cruel and inhumane. Many people against the death penalty also opine that the state shouldn’t be able to determine whether or not someone lives or dies.

Nevertheless, in multiple states across America, the death penalty is alive and well. In South Carolina, the state government has agreed to revive capital punishments carried out via firing squad, according to Newsmax.

The Latest Update to South Carolina’s Death Penalty

Last year, legislation regarding the death penalty was passed into law in South Carolina. One of the key points of this law cites the electric chair as the main means of capital punishment.

However, this only comes after South Carolina spent multiple years being unable to obtain the necessary supplies to carry out lethal injections.

With firing squads up and running again, there is a method to how this form of the death penalty will be carried out. Individuals set to die via firing squad will be restrained in a chair and in a protective room.

In order to enact this form of execution, the shooters will be pointing their guns through openings in the room of the inmate and then opening fire.

South Carolina is one of the few states in the country that permits capital punishment to be carried out via firing squad.

Public Reactions

Americans haven’t hesitated to share their views about firing squads making a comeback in South Carolina.

Some folks have been all for the change, stating it’s necessary in light of issues that have come up with lethal injections for so long.

There’s also been a lot of conversations about the crimes an individual would have to commit in order to get on death row, in the first place.

However, other people who take issue with the death penalty and/or firing squads, in particular, are also very vocal.

Opponents of South Carolina’s new law have described the entire practice as barbaric and inhumane. Democrats especially have used this new development as an opportunity to rail against states run by the GOP across the board.

What do you think about South Carolina’s decision to revive the firing squad method of capital punishment? Do you believe this is better or worse than other means of the death penalty, such as lethal injection?

In the comments area down below, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts about this.