Space Force General Mocks Iran

Space Force General Mocks Iran

( – On April 22, Iran launched Nour, its first military satellite into space. Officials in Tehran claimed it was a huge success. However, nobody could actually verify whether or not it was working… until now.

Space Force General Jay Raymond solved the mystery on Twitter and he trolled the Iranian military at the same time with a hilarious hashtag.

In other words, the Iranians have garbage floating around in space. Their new “military satellite” is probably doing a whole lot of nothing up there. Like so many other times, the government in Tehran failed.

Iran’s sad satellite launch happened the same week President Donald Trump promised he’d have our military “shoot down” Iranian boats that harassed US Navy ships. Unlike previous presidents, when this one says he’ll do something, he actually does.

Iran hasn’t pulled out their crayons and drawn any cool space pictures to try and pass them off as satellite images yet. We’re sure General Raymond will let us know if they do.

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