Speaker McCarthy May Face Trouble With the House Freedom Caucus

Republicans are not very pleased with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy at the moment.

In late May, McCarthy cut a deal with Joe Biden on a debt ceiling bill. However, the issue with this bill is many GOP members feel the House Speaker made major concessions and essentially rolled over to the demands of the Democrat Party.

Republicans in both the House and the Senate made it clear they have no intention of backing this agreement, which now has to go through Congress for a vote.

Meanwhile, breaking news from Red State revealed that Speaker McCarthy could face some serious trouble with the House Freedom Caucus over his debt agreement with Biden.

Efforts to Oust McCarthy?

Earlier this year, McCarthy barely made it into the role of House Speaker, due to opposition from the populist wing of the House GOP caucus.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that if the McCarthy-Biden agreement somehow does advance in Congress, then House Freedom Caucus members could essentially work to expel McCarthy from his current leadership role.

When asked about this by the media, GOP members of the caucus did not explicitly state they would or would not pursue this course of action. Instead, they simply reiterated their support for nuking the agreement that the House Speaker and president reached.

The Other Elephant in the Room

McCarthy maintains that more than 90% of Republicans are on board with the agreement he and Biden arrived at. The House Speaker is also promoting this deal as one that will cut spending and save taxpayers from being fleeced.

Nevertheless, whether or not McCarthy actually has the necessary votes to pass this deal remains to be seen. Some congressional Republicans, such as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, are promising to put forward an alternate version of the deal that is more conservative.

In the meantime, we’ll have to stay tuned to find out if the House Speaker faces an attempted ouster from the House Freedom Caucus.