Stacey Abrams Lands New Campaign Donation From George Soros

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, keeps running into problems with her campaign. She’s not well-liked; she’s trailing incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp in the polls and Georgia voters already rejected Abrams back in 2018.

In spite of this, the Georgia Democrat is continuing to wage attacks against Kemp. Abrams claims the current governor of the state is dangerous, a threat to women, and harmful to the state at large.

Kemp, meanwhile, contends that he’s got a solid history as Georgia’s governor that will ultimately help him defeat Abrams yet again.

Now, as the Georgia gubernatorial election comes to an end, billionaire left-wing donor George Soros recently made a $1 million donation to Abrams’ campaign, as reported by Fox News.

A Closer Look at Soros’ Donation to Abrams’ Campaign

The donation occurred on September 30 and went into the Georgia Democrats’ leadership committee chair, One Georgia Inc. Amid Abrams’ run for the governor’s mansion, Soros’ children have also made it a point to donate to her campaign.

Even before Abrams started her 2022 Georgia gubernatorial race, she racked up a longstanding history of working with various entities connected to the Soros family.

Thus far, Stacey Abrams hasn’t spoken out about these donations, nor has One Georgia Inc. released any comments on the matter.

In addition to getting donations from Soros and his children, One Georgia Inc.’s managed to obtain financial backing from all sorts of Hollywood celebrities.

Does It Really Matter?

Thus far, Abrams’ campaign has continued to take body blows from the voters of Georgia. These are the people she ultimately needs in order to win her election.

Sure, having a healthy war chest makes a huge difference for any candidate seeking elected office. Nevertheless, how people choose to cast their ballots ultimately has the greatest say in the world.

If voters largely don’t like, trust, or have confidence in a candidate, they’re probably not going to vote for them, regardless of how much cash on hand that candidate has.

This is now an issue that Abrams faces with the people of Georgia. That explains why Kemp is ahead of her in the polls and has been ahead for quite some time.

Since the inception of this race, the incumbent GOP governor maintained that he would end up defeating Abrams next month, just as he managed to do four years prior.

For all intents and purposes, it looks like Kemp’s prediction is playing out, regardless of how often Abrams gets people to pour funds into One Georgia Inc.

Do you believe the donations Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams is getting from George Soros and others will be enough to help her win her political race? Please let us know how you think this will turn out in the comments area.