Stefanik Takes a Stand: Files Judicial Ethics Complaint Against Judge Engoron Over Unusual Courtroom Conduct

In an unprecedented move, Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik of New York has filed a judicial ethics complaint against NY Judge Arthur Engoron. The complaint stems from what Stefanik describes as ‘bizarre behavior’ exhibited by the judge during a non-jury civil fraud case involving former President Donald Trump.

Stefanik’s complaint highlights several instances of questionable conduct by Judge Engoron. At the onset of the trial, the judge was seen smiling and posing for cameras, an act that raised eyebrows about his impartiality. More concerning, however, was his disregard for an appellate ruling on the appropriate statute of limitations in the case, which he simply ignored.

The congresswoman also pointed out that Judge Engoron entered summary judgment against the defendant before the trial even began. This was done without witnesses, other evidence, or cross-examination, despite there being disputed material evidence. Interestingly, the defendant had fully repaid the Wall Street banks involved, with interest, as agreed. No insurance company had lost any money, and these institutions continue to do business with the defendant.

Despite these facts, Judge Engoron declared before the trial that the defendant had committed fraud. He is now holding a trial, without a jury, to determine how much of the requested $250 million in damages he will extract from the defendant. Stefanik questioned this decision, asking, “How does this not violate the defendant’s Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial?”

Stefanik further accused Judge Engoron of gagging Trump and his attorneys, quoting the judge as saying, “We are not here to listen to what you have to say.” He also reportedly threatened the defendant’s counsel if he filed a routine motion for a directed verdict. These actions, according to Stefanik, demonstrate clear judicial bias and inappropriate courtroom conduct.

Adding to the controversy, Stefanik revealed that Judge Engoron and his staff are partisan Democrat donors. She noted that as recently as 2018, Judge Engoron donated to the Manhattan Democrats, despite judicial guidelines advising judges to refrain from making contributions to political organizations.

Stefanik’s complaint has brought attention to what she describes as a ‘fraudulent’ justice system in New York. She called out the radical Leftist judges in NY for their blatant corruption and urged all New Yorkers to speak out against the weaponized lawfare against President Trump.

The congresswoman’s bold move is a clear indication of her commitment to uphold the rule of law and ensure fair trials for all, regardless of political affiliations. It serves as a reminder that the judiciary’s role is to interpret and apply the law impartially, not to serve as a tool for political vendettas.

In conclusion, Stefanik’s judicial ethics complaint against Judge Engoron is a significant step towards addressing judicial bias and ensuring the integrity of the justice system. It is a call to action for all Americans to stand up against corruption and demand fairness and transparency in our courts.