Strong Minority of Americans Have No Plan to Get COVID Vaccine

Over the weekend, the White House announced to the country that 50% of Americans are now vaccinated against COVID. This announcement comes a little over one month after Biden missed his goal of getting 70% of Americans vaccinated against COVID by July 4.

The White House, health officials, and others have been complaining about lagging vaccine rates. They apparently believe that COVID vaccine mandates are the answer to this. As CNN’s Leana Wen stated, her belief is that the lives of unvaccinated people need to be made more challenging.

Weeks after this, the vaccine mandates came rolling out. Meanwhile, New York declared last week that people will need COVID vaccines in order to go to bars, enter inside fitness centers, and otherwise get service at various businesses.

Despite the rolling out of vaccine mandates, however, there is still a strong minority of Americans who have no plan to receive the COVID vaccine, as Breitbart News reports.

No Jabs to Come

Right now, Americans are seeing the rampant rollout of vaccine mandates; this is happening for the purpose of getting more people to roll up their sleeves and get the vaccine, whether they like it or not.

More than 25% of Americans are not planning to get injected. Of this, 18% confirm that they’re certainly refusing the vaccine. Just 9% stated to Economist/YouGov that they’re uncertain as to whether or not they will get immunized against COVID.

A series of scenarios — from former President Trump endorsing the COVID vaccine, $100 payments, vaccine endorsements from governors and even mandates for traveling — do little to sway most people who haven’t gotten this vaccine.

Democrats like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are openly declaring that vaccine mandates are necessary in order to get more people vaccinated. The New York bans against unvaccinated people getting service at fitness centers, bars, and other businesses is something the NYC mayor thinks will occur nationwide.

Standing Against Fascism

This latest aggressive pushes for the COVID vaccines are nothing more than outright fascism. It’s fascism when officials and leaders openly declared that anyone who refuses the COVID vaccine won’t be granted entry into businesses.

It’s fascism when Leana Wen goes on CNN and flagrantly endorses making the lives of people who are not inoculated more difficult. Standing against fascism means resisting this push to turn unvaccinated individuals into second class citizens. It also means having leaders who stand for freedom and who will never follow in the footsteps of the New York City mayor and other tyrants.

What do you think about the minority of Americans who are dead-set against getting the COVID vaccine? Do you believe that unvaccinated people should be treated as second class citizens in American society? Weigh in below with your thoughts in the comments section.