Supreme Court Justice’s Wife Targeted in New Ethics Complaint

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The Supreme Court of the United States plays a pivotal role in this nation and its laws. It is the highest court of the land with the responsibility to make various decisions in keeping with the United States Constitution.

In recent years, there’s been an unfortunate politicization of the court and its duties. Many Democrats, for instance, are in favor of expanding the Supreme Court so that it has a majority of leftist justices, rather than conservative ones.

Opponents have pushed back against this, warning that politicizing the Supreme Court in this manner does the entire country a disservice.

Though the court is back in the limelight as an ethics complaint has been fired pertaining to the wife of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, according to Yahoo.

Reviewing the Accusations Made Against Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts, the wife of Justice John Roberts, was targeted by Kendal Price, a former co-worker of hers. The ethics complaint in question makes the case that Roberts’ past work as a legal recruiter poses a conflict of interest.

Price specifically argues that if law firms are making payments to the relatives of Supreme Court justices, then American court litigants and the highest court in the land itself have the right to be privy to it.

The ethics complaint was filed with both the Department of Justice and the US Congress. At this time, neither Justice Roberts nor his wife have given any public reactions to the complaint filed by Price.

Supreme Court Responds

A spokesperson for the Supreme Court granted a statement to the New York Times that’s believed to be prompted by Price’s ethics complaint.

Per the spokesperson, “ethical constraints” receive significant attention from the Supreme Court. Moreover, the code of conduct and other rules for federal judges do not dictate that any one official is obligated to recuse themselves because their spouse worked as a legal recruiter.

Some Americans have suggested the ethics complaint filed by Price was more about a personal vendetta, rather than legitimate legal concerns. It certainly would not be the first time that a Supreme Court justice or their spouse found themselves targeted by disgruntled individuals.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of checks and balances to ensure conflicts of interest do not occur, especially at the level of the Supreme Court. There’s no clear indication that much will change, despite Price’s best efforts.

Ultimately, Americans are going to have to wait and see whether or not anything comes from the ethics complaint that Price filed.

Do you believe there is any merit to the ethics complaint made against the wife of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts? We’d be more than pleased to get your feedback on this latest development in the comments area.