Suspicious Death of Former White House Official Raises Questions

Within the general public, deaths of a suspicious nature are generally reviewed with understandable amounts of scrutiny. After all, the only real ways of getting to the bottom of these mysteries are asking questions, investigating, and following where the evidence leads.

When political public figures or those in close proximity to them have suspicious deaths, the public innately raises questions and looks to figure out what happened.

Lately, there are opinions going around which warn that people who have dirt on certain politicians, such as the Clinton family, tend to find themselves in unusual situations.

Conversations of this nature have since surged amid the passing of former White House official Dana Hyde, according to The Guardian.

Major Speculations About Hyde’s Passing

On a flight back to Maryland, Hyde, a White House aide who worked under the Clinton and Obama administrations, passed away earlier this month. Issues with her flight emerged when the plane began having problems with its turbulence and overall stability.

However, theories are swarming that there may be more to her death than is being publicly reported. Part of what’s fueling this perception is the fact that no one else on the same flight as Hyde lost their life.

The National Transportation Safety Board has since informed the public that it’s going to further probe the details of Hyde’s flight. Information of interest includes data pertaining to weather conditions, along with the recorders of the cockpit and aviation reports.

The board revealed that an update of their findings will be accessible within the upcoming two to three weeks.

Not Buying It?

Much of the American public has not found the statements from the National Transportation Safety Board to be enough. On social media, there are speculations about whether someone had a vendetta against Hyde that could have played a role in her passing.

Other people raised questions about the claim that mere turbulence could be enough to take Hyde out. After all, flight crew members, along with members of Hyde’s family, were on the same flight as her, yet did not pass away due to turbulence amid the flight.

At this time, it remains to be seen what information the National Transportation Safety Board reveals in the weeks to come. Though it is safe to assume that many folks aren’t buying the official story of what happened or taking claims about Hyde’s death at face value.

Various coverage of Hyde’s passing informs that she was well-loved by people who knew her and will therefore be sorely missed.

What do you think about the official story that pertains to the passing of Dana Hyde? Do you believe plane turbulence caused her death or do you think there’s more to the story? You can share your thoughts in the comments section.