Taliban Issues Direct Threat to America

We have crossed several very dangerous thresholds with Joe Biden leading the United States as president. For starters, our nation’s border is wide open, allowing any and everyone to pour right on in with no vetting whatsoever.

Secondly, America is facing economic and crime crises on President Biden’s watch. Inflation is through the roofs and projected to remain this way for quite some time. Meanwhile, crime is surging in countless localities, thanks to Democrats defunding the police.

Unfortunately, this is far from the worst of it. Earlier this month, Biden led to the rise of the Taliban when he removed American troops from Afghanistan without first evacuating U.S. citizens.

Now, this week has started off with the newly emerged Taliban issuing a direct threat against President Biden — and by extension, the United States of America, as Washington Examiner confirms.

The Latest Threat from the Taliban

In a nutshell, the Taliban told Sky News that President Biden has until the end of this month to fully evacuate American troops. The Taliban furthermore stated that no extension will be granted past the August 31 deadline. Finally, the Taliban declared that if Biden does not get all troops out of Afghanistan before this month ends, “consequences” will follow.

This latest threat from the Taliban comes as they are throwing fire on women, forcing little girls to become child sex slaves, executing people with Bibles on their phones, and more. The Taliban feels emboldened enough to threaten the United States because they know Biden is a weak and feckless president.

In another unfortunate turn, the Taliban has also been lashing out violently against Americans seeking to get to the Kabul airport. There are now Taliban checkpoints surrounding this airport, making it next to impossible for Americans and U.S. allies to safely get past these checkpoints.

A Disgraceful President

As of this morning, “#BidenIsADisgrace” trended on Twitter. Many Americans are not happy about the Taliban threatening the United States on Biden’s watch. This president has shown nothing but weakness and subservience to the Taliban, both of which are dangerous in situations such as this.

If Trump were still in office, American troops would have never been yanked out in the way they were. Furthermore, Trump as president would not tolerate the Taliban issuing threats against the United States. It is very much apparent that Biden is way in over his head.

Biden can’t handle the Taliban; however, he had no issues with sticking the federal government onto Republican governors who want parents to determine whether or not their kids wear face masks in classrooms.

What do you think about the Taliban threatening the United States? Do you think Biden will take any meaningful action whatsoever? Let us know below in the comments section.