Talk of Trump Indictment Raises Questions About His 2024 Campaign

News of former President Trump possibly being indicted continues to emerge. Right now, the prosecution is alleging that Trump broke campaign finance law in 2016 by using his campaign funds to pay off Stormy Daniels over an alleged affair.

Trump has denied ever having an affair with Daniels. The former president also maintains that he’s being unfairly targeted by those waging a witch hunt. Supporters of Trump likewise share the view that the legal action being taken against him is more about politics than the law.

Though as all this plays out, there are looming debates about what impacts it’ll have on Trump’s 2024 presidential election campaign, per Breitbart News.

Game On

Many supporters of the former president believe that what the prosecution is doing will actually make Trump stronger. The theory here is that GOP voters will rally around Trump, amid what many have described as a flimsy legal case.

The prosecution is also being accused of trying to sabotage the former president with large donors. The school of thought here is that large donors may be less inclined to back an indicted Trump over other Republicans running in the 2024 election.

However, the former president’s base of grassroots loyalists isn’t very likely to jump ship, amid the possible indictment.

The Court of Public Opinion

The prosecution focusing on Trump is forced to contend with the court of public opinion, much of which is against the indictment. It’s been slammed by critics as a naked abuse of power with a rogue DA putting partisan politics above the rule of law.

Supporters of Trump specifically warn the powers that be will keep coming after him, regardless of whether they have a serious case with any standing.

In the event of a Trump indictment, there may also be protests and various demonstrations from those who are convinced this is nothing more than a hitjob and witch hunt.