Target in Hot Water Over Abortion Stance

In late June, Roe v. Wade ended, therefore sending the issue of abortion fully back to the states to decide.

This prompted mass outrage and protests across the country. Reports of men seeking vasectomies in the wake of this ruling surged.

Meanwhile, some companies began to announce their policies of covering travel expenses for women going to other states for abortion.

However, one company, in particular, is taking some heat over this.

That just so happens to be Target. While Target is on record covering travel expenses for its workers who seek abortions, there’s another element at play here that’s engendered outrage, per Washington Examiner.

The Outrage Against Target

The right-wing group known as Concerned Women For America LAC isn’t pleased with Target covering employees’ expenses to travel for abortions.

However, the second element that prompted outrage is Target’s lack of coverage for pregnant workers who choose to carry their children to term.

Concerned Women For America said Target’s coverage for abortions, but not for women having their children constitutes discrimination. The conservative women’s group also believes it’s disrespectful to pro-life Target shoppers, hence the current “Toss Target” movement.

In various online videos, Concerned Women For America is encouraging consumers to take their businesses away from Target. People are also being warned that if they shop at Target, they’re ultimately helping to contribute to abortions.

At this time, Target hasn’t made any public statement or other response to the pushback it’s getting from Concerned Women For America.

Messy Inroads Between Business and Politics

Many companies have been facing an increasingly harder time of staying out of politics these days. Nevertheless, when businesses do adopt one position over the other, especially on hot-button issues, it’s bound to alienate customers with the opposing view.

In the case of large corporations like Target, it’s inevitable for them to have customers of all different political affiliations.

Target, however, is far from alone in agreeing to cover the travel expenses of its workers who choose to cross state lines for an abortion.

Starbucks, Airbnb, Lyft, MasterCard, Uber, and countless other large businesses that are widely used among the general public are also doing what Target is.

At this point, it appears as though some companies are banking on their profits and customer base being so high that they can afford to upset a percentage of consumers when taking a stance on triggering issues, such as abortion.

What do you think about Target’s decision to pay the travel expenses of its female employees who chose to have abortions? Do you believe the boycott against the company will have a real impact on its policy? You’re more than welcome to share your takeaways in the comments area.