Teachers Caught in the Crosshairs of NYC’s Vaccine Mandate

Vaccine mandates have been largely shut down in America. Back in January, the United States Supreme Court ruled against the Biden administration’s attempted vaccine mandate on anyone working for a large company.

However, in certain parts of the country, notably Democrat-run areas, vaccine mandates are still a factor. This is especially the case in places like New York City.

Despite the fact that COVID vaccines are incapable of preventing virus transmission or infection, Democrats are still hellbent on mandating these shots.

These mandates continue to cause problems, animosity, and conflict. In New York City, many teachers are now on unpaid suspension, as they’re suspected of submitting fake COVID vaccination cards, according to The Blaze.

Major Tensions Brewing in New York City

Dozens of teachers in New York City are being accused of showing fake COVID vaccination cards to the Education Department in order to keep their jobs.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has since removed these teachers’ pay and appears to be pushing for the maximum penalties possible.

Adams referred to the alleged submission of fake vaccination cards as unlawful and said these teachers could be looking at legal problems.

However, in making these moves, the NYC mayor managed to incur the wrath of the teachers’ union. According to the United Federation of Teachers, there’s no proof to support the allegations coming from Adams.

Furthermore, the United Federation of Teachers has warned that if Adams doesn’t quickly change course and let these teachers get back to work, he’s going to be sued.

At the rate this thing is going, Adams (and possibly the vaccine mandate itself) could very much end up in the court of law. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a vaccine mandate has led to legal conflicts.

A Bad Look For New York City

Back in 2020, New York City and other communities across the United States heralded teachers, police officers, and other workers for their commitment to doing their jobs, even in spite of COVID.

Now, as these very same “heroes” are pushing back against various mandates, they’re being treated as expendable by Democratic leaders and officials.

There are all sorts of reasons why teachers and others may not feel comfortable with taking the vaccine.

Sadly, these reasons are never a factor for supporters of mandates who believe anyone and everyone should be forced to take these shots, no matter what.

At the rate things are going, officials who continue pushing forward with these mandates are just going to cause more problems for themselves and others.

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