Ted Cruz Rips COVID Vaccine Mandates

Leftists are wasting no time in coming down with COVID vaccine mandates. Despite their assertions that it’s all about health, any reasonable individual can look at this situation and know better.

It’s not about health when CNN health contributor Leana Wen openly professes on national TV that life needs to be made more challenging for unvaccinated individuals. Weeks following this, New York rolled out COVID vaccine mandates, stating that anyone who fails to get the jab will be denied entry into bars, restaurants, fitness centers, etc.

It’s very clear that vaccine mandates are about leftists seizing control; COVID is simply the vehicle in which they’re using. Democrats are milking this virus for all it’s worth and using it as a chance to force through as many government mandates as they can manage.

This week, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz spoke out against tyrannical coronavirus vaccine mandates, as Townhall confirms.

Cruz on Vaccines, COVID Vaccine Mandates, and More

Just yesterday, Cruz spoke to CNBC regarding his thoughts on all the COVID vaccine mandates being rolled out. The Texas senator noted that he’s a believer in vaccines and that he and members of his family have been inoculated; however, Cruz also made a point of noting that he’s also a believer in individual liberty and freedom.

For this reason, the Republican lawmaker is not supportive of any COVID mandates. Cruz made sure to point out that this entails vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, mask mandates, etc. He also reiterated that neither employers, nor governments, should be forcing Americans to get a vaccine.

Finally, Cruz noted the inherent danger that comes along with governments demanding individuals to show papers in order to freely move through society. This danger, unfortunately, has arrived in New York. Time will tell the extent of pushback and whether or not leaders in the Empire State walk back bans against the unvaccinated.

Fighting for American Freedoms

The latest rollout of COVID vaccine mandates shows that the fight for American freedoms is more alive and pressing than ever. It’s vital for America to have Republican leaders in office who will speak out against and actively oppose mandates that infringe upon individual liberties.

Right now, the left is using the Delta variant as an excuse for a power trip. They’re saying that because of this variant, anything goes and Americans should gladly lay their freedoms by the wayside.

This is rapidly becoming the norm in blue states with leftist leaders.

What do you think about Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks on individual liberty and the danger of COVID mandates? Do you think this virus is being used as an excuse to trample on Americans’ freedoms and individual liberties? Let us get your views in the comments section below.