Ted Cruz Urges FBI to Conduct Raid of Hunter Biden’s Residence

Joe Biden has found himself in a bind when it comes to classified documents. These records were discovered in his home, his garage, and his work office.

Meanwhile, the White House has largely been covering for Biden, saying he’s cooperating with officials, and undermining the gravity of these records being found where they should not be.

Nevertheless, across the country, Americans would like to know what Biden was doing with these documents, how they ended up in his home and office, and how this managed to fly under the radar for so long.

As the president comes under fire for holding classified documents, his son Hunter Biden is also facing a litany of legal issues of his own. Now, Sen. Ted Cruz is making the case for the authorities to search Hunter’s home just in case he may also have classified documents, according to The Hill.

The Case For Raiding Hunter’s Residence

During a Fox News appearance on Sunday, Cruz stressed that Biden seems to have a track record of leaving sensitive documents in just about every place he goes.

For this reason, the Texas senator believes it’s valid for the FBI to look at Hunter’s home to see whether or not Biden also left classified records there.

Over the weekend, Cruz also noted that Hunter once cited his father’s home as one of his own residences.

In addition to making the case for a search of Hunter’s home, Cruz said it would also be reasonable for the authorities to dig into the University of Delaware, along with various locations where Hunter has worked.

Whether or not the FBI actually follows through with what Cruz has proposed remains to be seen. However, this has definitely put the spotlight on the president’s son for yet another matter that could turn out to be legally problematic.

Potentially Incriminating Evidence

Before wrapping up on Fox News, Cruz stated that because of what certain emails from Hunter Biden have revealed, it’s reasonable to assume he may have had access to sensitive records.

Unfortunately, there are many doubts about whether or not Hunter will ever be held accountable for crimes, even if it turns out he did commit them. Many Americans believe that Biden will go to the ends of the earth to protect his son, no matter what.

At the end of the day, Americans will have to wait and see what happens. So far, multiple politicians have been discovered to have classified records when they should not have.

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