Tensions Brew Between Fox’s Carlson and Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell

"White House" (CC BY 2.0) by radkuch.13

The disputed 2020 presidential election is on the minds of many Americans. President Trump’s legal team remains adamant that he is the true winner of the election, citing voter fraud and other forms of cheating in this race that have tainted its integrity.

“Donald Trump supporters” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The GOP has largely supported the Trump legal team’s work to ensure the fairness and freedom of the 2020 race; however, certain members of the Republican Party are stating an interest in hearing and seeing more from President Trump’s lawyers in regards to hard evidence.

Americans witnessed this earlier in the week, amid clashes between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Trump attorney Sidney Powell, according to Townhall.

Fox News’ Search for Evidence

Earlier this week, Carlson ran a segment about the reports of voter fraud. The Fox News host stated that evidence of this fraud is something that he and the Fox News network remain very interested in.

However, shortly after sharing this with viewers, Carlson claimed that Trump legal aide Sidney Powell declined to share evidence when the network contacted her and asked for it. Since the inception of the disputed election, some folks have stated that there’s a need for more evidence if the Trump campaign wants to prove their case in the courts.

Powell’s Version of Events

According to Powell, however, the version of events with Fox News reaching out for evidence is a bit different than Carlson described. The Trump attorney maintains that Carlson’s disposition when seeking more evidence of voter fraud appeared “demanding” in addition to insulting and rude.

Powell’s claims don’t stop there, however. The lawyer additionally maintains that she forwarded an affidavit, a witness, and “statistical evidence” over to Carlson; then, Powell asserted that after Carlson’s disposition remained rude and demanding, she told him not to reach out again “in those terms.”

Yesterday, Carlson pushed back against Powell’s claims that he maintained a hostile disposition while seeking more confirmation of voter fraud. It does not appear that Carlson and Powell will see eye-to-eye on the version of events; however, more Americans are warning about the ticking clock.

On Friday, Georgia announced that they will certify their election results with Biden as the winner. This comes one day after Trump’s legal team announced new, pending lawsuits against the Peach State.

What do you think about the evidence presented by President Trump’s legal team so far? Do you believe the results of the 2020 presidential race will ultimately go in Trump’s favor? Let us know in the comments section below!