Terry McAuliffe Formally Concedes Virginia Election to Glenn Youngkin


Tuesday, November 2, 2021, was a very good day for conservatives and Republicans across the United States. After a hard-fought Virginia gubernatorial election, Republican Glenn Youngkin managed to bring it home and become the governor-elect of Virginia.

Shortly before midnight, Decision Desk HQ declared Youngkin as the winner of the governor’s race in the commonwealth. Shortly thereafter, other outlets like Fox News, Bloomberg, ABC News, etc., followed suit.

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A little after 1 AM, Youngkin addressed his supporters and gave a positive, upbeat victory speech. The governor-elect of Virginia vowed to decrease taxes, empower parents, and fight for limited government during his term.

Earlier this morning, shortly before 10 AM, Democrat Terry McAuliffe conceded the Virginia election to Youngkin via Twitter.

What to Know About McAuliffe’s Concession

The defeated Virginia Democrat has not created a video (as of this reporting) of his concession speech. Instead, McAuliffe put out a press release documenting his failure to win the Virginia gubernatorial race.

In this press release, McAuliffe admits he “came up short” and described the outcome of the election as a “setback.” Shortly thereafter, McAuliffe went on to extend his thanks to his family, campaign, and supporters. McAuliffe’s press release also congratulates Youngkin on his win.

Finally, in the last of McAuliffe’s press release, he declared he’ll “never stop fighting” to increase the brightness and strength of Virginia. Prior to McAuliffe’s concession, his latest Twitter post claimed: “not everything is counted.”

This morning, however, it appears the reality of the Virginia Democrat’s loss has finally set in. Time will determine whether or not McAuliffe addresses his supporters in a live speech.

A Rejection of the Biden Administration and Leftist Policies

As many Republicans across the country have pointed out, the defeat of McAuliffe is a clear rejection of the policies President Biden and other Democrats have been trying to force upon the nation.

Democrats quickly began to overplay their hand after winning back control of the White House and Congress. Now, the consequences of Democrats’ tyranny and abuse of power are beginning to manifest, starting with a Republican becoming governor of Virginia for the first time in over one decade.

Many Americans declared the outcome of the Virginia gubernatorial election will foreshadow the 2022 midterms. If this is indeed the case, it means Republicans are well on their way to taking back the Senate and House of Representatives from Democrats.

This also means the GOP will be much better equipped to push back against the agenda of President Biden during the second half of his term. Currently, Youngkin’s win is also being branded as a blueprint for more Republicans to rise to power across the nation.

Are you surprised Democrat Terry McAuliffe has formally conceded to Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin? Let us know your views on the Virginia gubernatorial election in the field for comments below.