Texas Gears Up for New Migrants Heading to Southern Border

What Joe Biden’s done to the southern border is downright treasonous. His negligence and removal of successful immigration policies are grounds to have him impeached and tossed out of office.

As the president of the United States, Biden has a responsibility to implement the country’s immigration laws. This is something Republican governors reminded the president of when they wrote a letter asking to meet with him concerning immigration affairs.

Thanks to what Biden’s done at the U.S.-Mexico border, it’s become a magnet for illegal immigrants across the globe. The president essentially opened the border and let the rest of the world know anyone is free to waltz on in.

Now, Texas is preparing for the additional fallout to come, as Fox News has made note of.

Texas National Guard is on Standby

On countless occasions now, Republicans have called on the federal government to do its job, restore commonsense immigration reforms, and get the border under control. However, the federal government continues ignoring this crisis; therefore, the weight of responsibilities has fallen to the states.

Over the weekend, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott noted that the state’s National Guard is on standby. Abbott informed the Texas National Guard is prepared for individuals presently making their way to the southern border.

Preventative measures underway therefore entail closing up open areas and readying resources to arrest illegal crossers. In addition, the National Guard is also working with the Public Safety Department of the Lone Star State.

Biden, meanwhile, is just now getting back to the White House from his vacation in Delaware. It is unconscionable that the president of the United States is doing nothing as several catastrophes rage on, due to his poor leadership.

The Gravity of the Border Crisis

It is very important for all Americans to understand the gravity of the current crisis. As this crisis is happening, the president is warning he’ll fire Border Patrol members if they don’t take the coronavirus vaccine.

The border crisis already has agents at their wits’ end; however, Biden’s threats to scrap Border Patrol officials in a matter of weeks worsens the situation even more. The gravity of the border crisis is moreover advanced by the reality that the overall morale of agents has taken a nosedive.

For what it’s worth, the Texas governor stepped in to protect Border Patrol agents from Biden’s tyranny. Abbott stated that if any Border Patrol agents lose their jobs over Biden’s vaccine mandate, Texas will hire these workers.

What do you make of the news that even more migrants are heading to the southern border? Do you think Texas has the resources to weather the storm that’s coming? We’d like to get a look at your views below in the comments section.