Texas Gov. Abbott Not Phased By Threats From NYC Mayor

The White House’s failure to get ahold of illegal immigration is now generating tension between various states, namely Texas and New York.

After months of urging the Biden administration to fix the border crisis, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott began implementing measures of his own so that Texas isn’t completely overwhelmed.

In addition to approving a border wall, Abbott’s started shipping some of the migrants arriving in his state to left-wing communities, like New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams has a track record of saying his community is a sanctuary city with a welcoming disposition to anyone, no matter if they’re here legally or not. Yet, in the same breath, Adams is also attacking the Texas governor for daring to send migrants to his city.

Adams recently warned that he may have New York state residents go to Texas for the sole purpose of campaigning against Abbott as he runs for reelection. Per Breitbart News, the Texas governor is welcoming this challenge from the NYC mayor.

Abbott Not Backing Down

During the Texas governor’s sitdown with Fox News, he made it clear that threats from Adams don’t phase him.

Abbott explained that having New Yorkers campaign against him would not go over well in the Lone Star State. In fact, the GOP governor even said this would be more of an asset to his campaign than having Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke as an opponent.

Later, Abbott explained the Texas gubernatorial election is about the people of Texas, not New York. He also clarified that at the end of the day, the women and men in the Lone Star State are sick of destructive policies from the Biden administration.

Since the president refuses to get a hold of illegal immigration, Abbott continued, Texas is going to continue having migrants sent to self-declared sanctuary cities like Washington DC and New York City.

A Simple Solution

Ahead of the latest war of words between Abbott and Adams, the latter was extended an invitation to come visit the southern border and witness what Texas is up against.

To little surprise, the NYC mayor refused, accusing the Texas governor of trying to launch a publicity stunt.

Adams isn’t the first Democratic official leading a sanctuary city to complain about receiving busloads of migrants. Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s also gone after Abbott for this.

However, the Texas governor maintains that rather than Democrats lashing out against Texas, they should focus on getting Joe Biden to actually secure the southern border.

What are your thoughts about Gov. Abbott’s response to threats from the mayor of New York City? Let us know in the comments area how much longer you think this feud (and illegal immigration) will keep playing out.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.