Texas Governor Responds to Pro-Shutdown Critics in New Interview

"Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas" (CC BY 2.0) by World Travel & Tourism Council

Back in March 2021, the Texas governor made the choice of rolling back government restrictions related to COVID-19. This included the statewide mask mandate, capacity restrictions on various businesses, and more. 

Democrats lost it. The current president openly declared that states should pause their work to re-engage their economy; then, Biden branded Governor Abbott’s choice to do away with COVID government mandates as “Neanderthal.” 

“Greg Abbott” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Leftists across the board claimed that Governor Abbott’s decision to roll back mandates would engender harm and death; although, over the past several weeks, the precise opposite has happened. Texans are thriving and doing much better than other Americans trapped in lockdown dystopias. 

Over the weekend, Governor Abbott sat down with Fox News for an interview about his leadership and decisions in Texas. 

Successful Leadership from the Texas Governor

Yesterday, Abbott told Fox News that Texas coronavirus numbers continue to get better, even after weeks of the state being reopened and not confined by multiple restrictions.

In fact, Texas reached a milestone of zero coronavirus-related deaths more than a week ago; this is a milestone that the Lone Star State hadn’t previously seen since March 2020. 

Critics of the Texas governor’s decision to get the state back to normal are eerily silent. The claims that people would suffer and die from COVID have not panned out the way leftists expected. Therefore, they are shifting gears and targeting other policies of Abbott’s that they disagree with. 

On Sunday, the Texas GOP governor noted that CEO Magazine described the Lone Star State as the best area to do business; the same cannot be said for blue states that remain under shutdown orders, even when their leaders violate these orders. 

Getting Back to Normal Life

States like Texas are undoubtedly playing a real role in the nation returning to normal life. The past several weeks in the Lone Star State have proven that it is possible to reopen without massive spikes in deaths and infections. 

The fearmongering regarding reopening, unmasking, etc., is not going to work for much longer. Despite the doomsday assertions from the left, states like Texas and Florida have shown that safe reopenings are doable and already happening.

It is now up to other states to determine how much longer they are willing to accept and abide by lockdowns and a litany of other restrictions. 

Following Abbott’s interview with Fox News on Sunday, his pro-shutdown critics failed to make any points to support the flawed idea that reopenings should not happen in America. 

What did you think about the latest interview from the Texas governor? Do you believe that America should follow the steps of states like Texas and Florida? Let us know down below in the comments section.