Texas Lt Governor Issues Stark Warning of Potential ‘Civil War’ Amid Border Standoff

The tension at the Texas border has escalated to a point where the state’s Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, has issued a dire warning that the ongoing standoff with the federal government could lead to a “civil war.” The conflict centers around the state’s efforts to secure its border against what Patrick describes as an “invasion” of migrants, which has led to a legal battle with the White House over the state’s recent actions near Eagle Pass.

In a bold statement, Patrick has called on President Joe Biden to de-escalate the situation, emphasizing that Texas has the right to defend America and its citizens. The dispute has arisen following the Supreme Court’s decision allowing federal agents to remove razor wire set up by Texas, despite the state’s continued efforts to reinforce its borders. This has created a significant rift between state and federal authorities, with both sides standing their ground.

The situation has become so charged that Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo raised the question of whether this could spiral into a civil war, given the presence of armed forces on both sides. Patrick responded firmly, asserting Texas’s right to protect its people and the nation, while highlighting the dedication and integrity of the National Guard and Department of Public Safety officers serving at the border.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the administration, Texas has signaled its refusal to back down, continuing to fortify the border and indicating a non-compliance with the administration’s demands. This has led to claims from border agents that the state’s measures are hindering their ability to safely apprehend undocumented migrants. However, US Border Patrol has stated there are no plans to dismantle the razor wire, maintaining a strong relationship with Texas officials on the ground.

Amidst this backdrop, House Republicans have taken action by unveiling two articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his handling of the border crisis. Accused of a willful refusal to comply with the law, Mayorkas faces an impeachment vote in the House, with several Republican governors expressing support for Texas’s stance against the federal government.

Patrick’s comments have resonated with many who share his view that the current administration has failed to uphold national security at the southern border. He has characterized the influx of migrants as a “cartel army,” suggesting that the founders of the United States could never have envisioned a president who would allow such a situation to unfold.

As the legal battles continue and the rhetoric intensifies, the nation watches closely to see how this standoff will resolve. With both sides entrenched in their positions, the potential for further escalation remains a concern for all Americans who value the rule of law and the sovereignty of their states.

The outcome of this confrontation will not only determine the future of immigration enforcement in Texas but could also set a precedent for how state and federal powers interact in times of crisis. As Texas stands firm in its commitment to border security, the nation awaits a resolution that ensures safety and upholds the principles upon which it was founded.