Texas Prepares to Pass Election Security Bill, Despite Holdup from Democrats

Nationwide, the Democrat Party has fought tooth and nail against basic election security legislation. Democrats claim that requiring people to show photo ID to vote or request an absentee ballot (rather than getting unsolicited ones mailed out to them) is racist.

President Biden even weaponized the Department of Justice as an attack dog against Georgia, after the state passed S.B. 202, an election integrity bill. Weeks ago, Texas Democrats walked out of session and fled the state in an attempt to stall the passing of an election security bill.

These antics from Democrats are childish and ridiculous. However, they are thankfully proving unsuccessful in stopping the passing of commonsense election security. Fox News reports that late last week, Republican lawmakers in Texas managed to advance their election security bill, despite holdup from Democrats.

Election Security in the State of Texas

With 79 Texas House members in favor, and 39 opposed, the election integrity bill passed. It’s worth noting that while Republicans collectively rallied behind this legislation, Democrats opposed it.

Moreover, as the bill heads to the Texas Senate, Democrats do not have the votes in this chamber to halt its passage. The legislation which Democrats falsely deem as racist voter suppression comes with some commonsense protocols. One example includes requiring people voting by mail to show ID and request their ballot within an allotted timeframe.

Greg Abbott, the Texas Republican governor, has made clear that he will sign the election integrity bill once the Texas House and Senate finish with it. This means that despite the antics of Texas Democrats fleeing to Washington D.C. last month, they ultimately did not achieve their goal of stopping this bill.

Pushing Back Against Leftist Power Moves

Democrats in this country have made clear that they want total, supreme control at all costs. This explains why Democrats have governed in their current manners; leftists’ lust for ultimate power furthermore explains why they’re so opposed to commonsense voting requirements.

This isn’t without irony, however. Many of the Democrats who oppose photo ID for voting, including mail in voting, are advocates for vaccine passports. Democrats believe Americans should have to show their papers in order to enter a bar, go to a gym, or otherwise engage in society.

However, as Democrats rally behind Nazi Germany 2.0 and vaccine passports, they have so much rage for voter ID requirements. It doesn’t add up and none of this comes with any sort of logical consistency whatsoever.

Are you glad that the Texas House of Representatives managed to pass commonsense election security legislation, even in spite of antics from Democrats? What else do you think is necessary to push back against leftist power moves? We want your feedback below in the comments section.