Texas Reports Zero COVID-Related Deaths Since Rolling Back Restrictions

"Welcome to Texas" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by J. Stephen Conn

America is beginning to turn a curve when it comes to COVID-related restrictions. During this month alone, several businesses have announced that they’re dong away with mask requirements for vaccinated individuals; moreover, these establishments are currently not requiring proof of vaccination upon entry. 

For the nation to reach a point of gradually lifting government restrictions, it took consistent pushback against tyrannical edicts. Sen. Rand Paul, for instance, repeatedly held Dr. Anthony Fauci to task for sending mixed messages and making statements that were not aligned with science. 

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Republican governors too are playing critical roles in rolling back restrictions and setting the proper examples for the rest of the nation. Of all the GOP states to push back against government overreach, Florida and Texas are at the top of the chart. 

Townhall now confirms that Texas is reporting zero coronavirus-related deaths since rolling back statewide restrictions. 

What to Know About COVID-19 in Texas

When the Lone Star State lifted coronavirus restrictions, the left immediately went after them. President Biden branded the decision as “Neanderthal thinking” and openly called for states to pause their reopening measures. Thankfully, Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, did not take guidance from Biden or any other pro-lockdown leftists. 

On Sunday, Texas reached a groundbreaking new milestone. The Lone Star State reported precisely zero deaths related to coronavirus. This is the first time since March 2020 that Texas has been able to report absolutely no COVID-19-related deaths.

It also goes to show that even without a statewide mask mandate and other restrictions, Americans can still safely live their lives. 

Additional Steps Forward for the Lone Star State

Earlier this week, Governor Abbott announced that Texas will no longer be accepting unemployment benefits stemming from coronavirus. Abbott, in making this announcement, also noted that with the abundance of available jobs in the Lone Star State, ongoing unemployment benefits are no longer needed. 

This decision by the Texas governor will undoubtedly help to crack down on labor shortages. Right now, these nationwide shortages are fueled by people refusing to work because the government is still paying them to stay home. With a plethora of available jobs across the country, getting folks back to work is critical. 

Democrats, of course, are criticizing Texas for pulling out of COVID-related unemployment benefits, just as they slammed the Lone Star State for reopening. In order for any real, long-lasting economic recovery to occur, however, the government cannot interfere with the American people returning to work. 

What do you think about Texas reporting zero coronavirus-related deaths on Sunday? Do you support the state’s moves to get people back to work? Give us your thoughts on all this in the comments section down below.