Texas Snow Storms Leave Millions Without Power

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Texas has been center stage in certain aspects of politics this year.

Governor Greg Abbott made waves a few weeks ago after signing an executive order to protect Texas workers from President Biden’s assault on energy jobs. In this executive order, the Republican governor vowed to employ “all lawful powers and tools” at his disposal to shield the residents of his state.

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Last week, news broke that some nasty weather may be hitting the Lone Star State and causing temperatures to drop below their typical levels. Unfortunately, these reports were an understatement.

Breaking developments from Breitbart News confirm that snowstorms in Texas have left millions of state residents without power amid freezing cold temperatures.

The Present Situation in the Lone Star State

Texans are currently forced to contend with temperatures in the low single digits. In a state that is known for its warm weather, this type of climate is virtually unheard of. Sleet, freezing rain, and snow are presently in Texas; moreover, the storms have also left millions of Lone Star State residents without power at a time when power is most needed.

Due to the blisteringly cold weather and aftermath of snowstorms, Texans are being advised to stay indoors, conserve power (if at all possible), and bring any pets indoors. University of Oklahoma meteorologist Jason Furtado described the situation in the Lone Star State as a “historic event,” albeit, not a good one.

Many Texas communities are currently struggling due to a lack of resources to do away with piled-up snow. Furthermore, the coronavirus vaccine distribution in Texas has also taken some serious hits due to the weather.

What Lies Ahead for Texas?

Recovery for Texas remains necessary at this time, especially due to the current state of affairs. At least two reported individuals in the Lone Star State have lost their lives due to the terrible storms and aftermath.

All 254 Texas counties remain under a Winter storm warning; meanwhile, Texas Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz are urging the 46th president to accept Governor Abbott’s requested emergency declaration for the Lone Star State.

As of this morning, reports indicate that Texas is not quite out of the woods yet regarding the current storms.

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