Texas Vaccinates Over 1M People Against COVID-19

"Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine rollout" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

The vaccine against coronavirus is rapidly becoming more and more available to different segments of the U.S. population. Despite certain reported allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccination, many Americans are still getting it.

The coronavirus vaccine ultimately requires two doses in order to work effectively. Ideally, the second dose should arrive three weeks after the first; both vaccinations should also come from the same company as well.

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States across the nation are under pressure to get the vaccine distributed to as many people as possible, especially amid reported surges of the virus in certain communities. According to Breitbart News, Texas has vaccinated more than one million individuals against the COVID-19 virus.

Vaccination Against Coronavirus in Texas

In a press release yesterday, Texas announced that their state leads the nation in the amount of COVID-19 vaccines provided thus far. The Lone Star State’s memo also explained that despite the load road ahead, Texas healthcare workers are responsible for the many state residents who are currently vaccinated.

In Texas, frontline and essential workers are being prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine, as are nursing home patients, individuals in assisted living residences, the elderly, and persons with chronic health conditions.

Earlier this week, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott shared news about the state’s multiple vaccination sites, assuring that they will ensure health and safety in Texan communities.

Protecting Americans Against COVID-19

New polls have shown an uptick in Americans who are willing to receive the vaccine for coronavirus. Across the nation, the vaccine is being administered; however, some more time will still pass before the injection becomes rapidly and easily available to the general public.

Healthcare workers have provided mixed feedback on the vaccine against coronavirus. Some expressed a willingness to receive the vaccine and are encouraging others to also get vaccinated; however, other healthcare workers, such as some in California, have made headlines for refusing the vaccine altogether.

This, in turn, raised questions about the overall safety of the vaccine. Some people additionally questioned what healthcare workers who don’t want the COVID-19 vaccination are aware of that other people don’t know.

Multiple leaders in America across the political spectrum have received the vaccine against coronavirus.

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