Thanksgiving 2021 Indicates Americans are Over COVID Fear-mongering


There is no denying the forces in this country that want Americans to be scared and afraid to live. People like Biden and Fauci want the country to be trapped in their homes, taking endless COVID booster shots, and otherwise under the thumb of big government bureaucracy.

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However, if there’s one thing Thanksgiving showed, it’s that the American people are absolutely over COVID fearmongering. The public is over health officials changing their tune about this virus and trying to dictate what the folks of this great country ought to do.

Truth be told, health bureaucrats have squeezed just about as much control out of this virus as they can get. Thanksgiving 2021 proved this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Record Amounts of Travel for Thanksgiving

This year, many more people traveled for Thanksgiving than they did in 2020. In fact, estimates predicted that Thanksgiving travel for 2021 rivals the amount of travel the country witnessed back in 2019.

Health officials from the CDC to Fauci on down have essentially discouraged travel. They’ve stated travelers should be fully vaccinated; yet, in the same breath, health officials are changing the definition of what it means to be fully immunized against this virus.

They’re now saying people are going to need the COVID booster shots in order for the health community to consider them as fully vaccinated.

Yet, in spite of the wishy-washiness and goalpost-moving of the healthcare community, Americans are getting on with their lives. This is good news and it shows the COVID fearmongering is not having as much of an effect on people.

A Change to Come in 2022

Change is coming in 2022 and this is something a growing number of Americans are sensing.

For almost two years, the public has been listening to so-called leaders tell the nation what to do; yet, many of the leaders implementing orders are not abiding by what they’re telling the American people to do.

Over the course of this year, the American people have been standing up against not just fearmongering, but also control from the government.

The pushback against control comes in the form of people standing up against COVID vaccine mandates and also not allowing health officials to dictate how they spend their holidays.

This is something the American people should take into 2022 and beyond. It is important for folks to hold the line, stand their ground, and not allow their freedoms to be taken away.

What do you think about the messages being conveyed across the nation this holiday season? Do you believe more Americans are standing up and refusing to let health officials dictate their lives and control whether or not they spend time with their families? Let us know where you stand in the comments area below.