The Dalai Lama Scandal Just Got Worse

The world was rightfully aghast upon seeing a disturbing video that showed the spiritual leader known as Dalai Lama telling an eight-year-old boy to suck his tongue.

In the wake of this scandal, the spiritual leader put out a statement apologizing for the incident. However, a mere apology just isn’t good enough, due to the gravity of the situation and the fact that a child was involved.

Meanwhile, the scandal just got worse, as the Dalai Lama is connected to a US politician who went down for child pornography possession, reports the Gateway Pundit.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Democrat Patrick Wojahn previously served as the mayor of College Park, Maryland. However, his time in power ended after being charged with dozens of child pornography offenses.

Given the nature of the situation, it shouldn’t be shocking that the Dalai Lama was once pretty cozy with the left-wing former mayor. Wojahn was seen photographed with the spiritual leader and praised his speeches as “inspirational.”

Now, many inquiring minds want to know what other unsavory characters the Dalai Lama could be connected to. After all, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

No matter what turns up, though, it’s clear that this spiritual leader has no business being around children or in any position of authority over others.

War on Children

In current times, it’s becoming more and more apparent that there’s a war on children. From this latest scandal with the Dalai Lama to the campaign to expose kids to sexual content in schools, the writing is very clearly on the wall.

This is why America’s parents are bravely leading the charge to keep kids safe and away from predators. Anyone who chooses to go after a child in a predatory manner should be fully held accountable.

Their position or status as a spiritual leader should have no bearing on the consequences they face whatsoever.