The Days of the IRS May Be Numbered

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is an institution that many Americans carry hatred and resentment for. When former President Obama held the White House, the IRS went after the Tea Party and other conservatives.

There are also countless other examples of the IRS abusing its power and purposefully going after individuals who it knows lack the resources to adequately fight back. This is an institution that’s become both bloated and abrasive.

For years on end, there’s been talk amongst Republicans about doing away with the IRS. Though with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis currently running for president, the IRS may now be on borrowed time, as documented by Fox News.

The End of the IRS in America?

DeSantis, since announcing his run for president, made it clear he believes the IRS has failed and needs to be done away with entirely.

In recent talks with the media, the Florida governor was crystal clear that if he’s elected to serve in the White House, he’d approve legislation that implements a fair flat tax and nukes the IRS altogether.

This development arrives as many Americans have already witnessed their taxes undergo massive increases, thanks to leftist fiscal policies generating unchecked spending.

On social media, people have warmly reacted to the notion of doing away with the IRS and replacing it with a more fair and effective flat tax.

A Major Contrast Against Biden

DeSantis’ views on the IRS are about as different from Joe Biden’s as possible.

Biden not only loves the current state of the IRS, but he’s also been working to hire tens of thousands of new IRS agents to squeeze as much as possible from the middle class. This is critical to the president passing his costly spending programs.

Right now, it’s more than apparent that unfettered spending and an out-of-control IRS aren’t doing the American people any favors. The time for change is now.