The Demise of CNN Continues

CNN has seen a lot of changes as of late. Chris Licht, the new CEO of the network, is switching things up, cleaning house, and trying to rebrand the company.

Though after years upon years of CNN being known as a network that trashes conservatives and gives regular lip service to leftists, it’s going to take a while for it to be fully remade into a different image.

Leftists have been seething over the new direction that Licht is trying to take the company. The CNN CEO has been accused of everything from trying to curry favor with Republicans to trying to make the network a watered-down copy of Fox news.

However, CNN has a ways to go before its future and reputation have been fully restored. This is further proven by the network laying off nearly two dozen persons, as reported by Townhall.

What to Know About Layoffs at CNN

Earlier this year, CNN+, a steaming service within the larger CNN, turned out to be a failure. Few people subscribed to the service, leading to it eventually being canned altogether.

With this canning came a lot of folks losing their jobs. Though that wasn’t the end of it. Just this past Wednesday, the remaining CNN+ workers who were on the beat also got kicked out of the network.

A spokesperson for CNN also provided some insight into the direction the company is going. After months of business evaluations, CNN is aiming to maximize room for growth. This is the direction that’s guiding the network as it makes various decisions.

With Licht trying to make CNN better and more liked across the country, there’s a real possibility of the network getting rid of even more staff or trying to bring new folks on board.

Time will tell what comes next. However, it’s clear that CNN has a lot more work to do before it’s completely out of the woods.

Ongoing Rage From Leftists

As CNN moves on a different course than it has in years past, hardcore leftists are being clear they want nothing to do with the platform.

Therefore, those who are interested in networks that primarily cater to Democrats while trashing Republicans are looking to MSNBC as the new spot to get regular updates.

The rage machine from the left doesn’t change the reality that when CNN was exclusively catering to Democrats, it lost significant ratings and viewership went down the toilet.

This proves the loudest voices aren’t always the most accurate, nor do they always indicate where the majority stands.

Do you believe CNN has a real future under new leadership? What do you think of the new direction that CEO Chris Licht is aiming to take the company? In the comments area, you are more than welcome to share your views.