The Internet Cringes Over New Video Promoting Hillary Clinton

Many Americans don’t have very fond thoughts when they think about the Clinton family. Because of the scandals the Clintons have found themselves entangled in over the years, much of the country is reminded of corruption when they think of the Clinton family.

However, this is not stopping Hillary Clinton from attending various speaking engagements or being invited onto mainstream media news channels for interviews. Apparently, the negative perception that exists of Clinton also isn’t preventing her from being hired by Columbia University.

Nevertheless, the promotional video put out by the university that pertains to Clinton joining them has been collectively deemed as cringeworthy by the internet, per the Western Journal.

A Major Miss

In the video, multiple students at Columbia University are seen saying that Hillary Clinton is “running.” This is an intentional allusion to Clinton having twice previously run for president.

Though as the video progresses, it’s very clear the “run” pertains to not a presidential one, but a run to one of Columbia University’s posts. This is because Clinton has been hired by the university to teach a class regarding foreign policy.

At the end of the cringeworthy video, Clinton is seen completing her “run” into one of the university’s offices to do her job there.

Hard Pass

It goes without saying that many Americans weren’t impressed with what Columbia University was trying to do here. In fact, the institution has come under fire for even agreeing to hire Hillary Clinton in the first place.

Due to Clinton’s own past blunders on foreign policy affairs, many Americans don’t believe she’s best positioned to be teaching lesson plans on the matter. Nevertheless, Columbia University has chosen to go all in and drink the Kool-Aid.

In the meantime, however, the promotional video is still taking heat online from Americans who aren’t impressed.