The Left’s Dangerous Gun Control Fantasy

The Left’s Dangerous Gun Control Fantasy

If there’s one thing the Left wants more than removing President Donald Trump from office, it’s our guns. The Democratic Party has made it their mission to regulate our guns into oblivion.

The Liberal Lies

They tell us that they don’t want to take them. “We just want common-sense gun reform,” they say. Then, these same people march in the streets with signs demanding guns across the board be banned.

They tell us they don’t want our guns, then they hold town halls demanding even more regulations. In the next breath, they say that you don’t need an AR-15, those extended magazines, a bump stock, and “so many bullets.” Who are they to tell us what we need?

This sick fantasy is not only detrimental to our country but our families. Without our guns, we are left vulnerable and unprotected against criminals. They say a good guy with a gun never stops a bad guy with a gun, and yet, they do so in more cases than Liberals give credit for.

Gun Owners Save Lives Every Day

Gun owners exercising their inalienable right to bear arms have stopped intruders in their homes. They’ve prevented mass shootings as well. Good guys with guns have even stopped criminals inside of schools intent on killing children.

Incidents like these happen all across the country, but the mainstream media (MSM) refuses to let the people know.

Liberals and the MSM know that the best way to control the populace is to keep them scared and uneducated. So every day they repeat their lies. They claim we are dangerous. They tell their sheep that the Second Amendment of the Constitution should be abolished.

What happens if they get their way?

Gun control only leads to two places: criminals taking over society and a tyrannical government set out to destroy everything our Founding Fathers worked for. The Left longs for America to turn into a puritanical nation with no guns and no violence whatsoever.

This is, of course, a fantasy.

They Can Try

Fortunately, gun owners will never allow that to happen. The Constitution states that our right is absolute and “shall not be infringed.” Liberals can march through our streets, melt down on the internet, and cry on the television, but they will never take our guns. No one will allow that to happen.

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