The MSM’s Assault on Conservatives and Personal Freedoms

The MSM's Assault on Conservatives and Personal Freedoms

( – The Progressive Liberal process of demeaning and demonizing the political rights and curtailing certain liberties that don’t fit in with their agenda started to take root in the 1960s during President Lyndon Johnson’s administration. Under Barack Obama’s stewardship, the movement towards the left gained great momentum. Now, with Donald Trump taking office, it’s exploded into a panic-driven frenzy.

Some might even consider it a quasi psychosis and many media giants are leading the parade.

The Second Amendment

This is a major trigger issue for the Left. The moment the news of a high-profile shooting takes place, the MSM outlets are calling for guns to be taken away from Americans. Sometimes that’s even before the police have secured the scene.

They publish op-eds that question the intelligence, if not the sanity, of Conservatives who believe the Founding Fathers meant what they said when they wrote: “shall not be infringed.” They also extoll what they see as a virtue a politician’s plan to squelch the online presence of what they would deem “hate speech.” They do this by sidestepping the Constitution since they don’t feel like going through the motions to change it.

Regardless of the First Amendment, maybe they thought there was a BOGO on attacking our freedoms.

Protecting Democrats

Democratic nominee hopeful and former Republican New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is also the owner of the eponymous news service. In a leaked memo from the time of his declaration to enter the race, the editor-in-chief of his news arm instructed their reporters to, in essence, give all the candidates of his new party a pass on any “investigations.” Trump and any other Republicans are fair game, of course.

Although it was in 2018, NBC News acknowledged the media’s anti-Conservative bias. They rightly take issue with the media (including their own Tom Brokaw) painting the Obama presidency as “scandal-free.” The article goes on to state what is so self-evident that even the most oblivious of them should see it: Americans are losing faith in them.

Move Towards Communism

From Korea to Vietnam to the Cold War, many American men and women gave their all, up to and including their very lives, to halt the spread of communism. Why? Because it is the antithesis of freedom.

Yet the media are swooning over things like the New Green Deal (NGD) hawked by self-proclaimed socialists like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a.k.a. AOC. While superficially about the so-called man-made climate change, it carries more than a few ideas that were the foundations of regimes like the Soviet Union.

All in all, the reporters and “journalists” in the country have fallen far from the likes of Edward R. Murrow. Instead of building America up, they insist on helping socialists like AOC and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) tear it to pieces. All the while, they’re deflecting the blame for all the divisiveness in our country at President Trump and Conservatives.

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