The Real Facts About Immigration

The Real Facts About Immigration

The war on immigration in this country seems to never end. Undocumented immigrants pour in through the unsecured borders for an array of reasons; some seek asylum while others pursue the American dream. Other reasons for crossing the border don’t always make the front page of the news until an unfortunate event happens.

How Many Immigrants Are Here?

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, up to 14% of the population are documented immigrants. Most of them are here legally and are upstanding, law-abiding citizens that help to make our country great.

But, it’s estimated that around 10.5 million are not illegally. This staggering number of illegal immigrants slip through the cracks and live life under the radar. Although their numbers have dwindled since President Trump has taken office, there are still large surges of immigration into America.

We’ve seen it before; the drug cartel, illegals or MS-13 taking innocent citizens down with them during a fight. America’s streets aren’t totally safe until every last tie with these criminals is put behind bars.

It has to stop.

Efforts to Curb Immigration

ICE works hard around the clock to pinpoint illegal immigrant hot spots. They utilize special intel and tips from citizens like you to spot undocumented immigrants and bring them to justice. While the ICE team is comprised of competent individuals who keep our country safe, many undocumented gang members still slip by.

Supporting immigration policies created by the president is something citizens can help by making every vote count. Take the time to vote on these important issues.

Many illegals are able to vote, including those under false aliases and with no valid green card or social security number. Meanwhile, they receive special treatment from the blue states that make it easy for them to get to the voting polls.

Is this really fair? You pay taxes; they don’t.

Getting the border wall up quickly was something President Trump promised the American people. But, he is facing mammoth opposition and obstruction at every turn by the Dems and activists alike. Until the wall is up, our borders will remain unsecure.

A Trickle Turns Into a Flood

The bottom line is this: we, as Americans, must refuse to allow terrorists to seep in through the cracks. Allowing them to enter threatens our safety and destroys our democracy. The future of our country is more at risk now more than ever before.

Letting a few immigrants through at our borders may not seem like that big of a deal. However, when our children are denied healthcare, an enriched education and a good job because others didn’t approach it legally, it proves that immigration doesn’t help anyone.

While controversies like the crazy impeachment hearings and false accusations against our president seem important to Democrats, vital immigration and border wall work is being left to wait.

It’s time we all came together as a country and stand up for what’s right.

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