The Results of the Texas Primary Elections are In

Multiple states throughout the nation have different governor’s elections happening this year. It goes without saying these races will have significant impacts on not just the individual states, but also the country at large.

Over the past two years, Republican governors have been vital in standing up against the nanny state policies and medical tyranny coming from the left. Since Biden got into the White House, GOP governors have repeatedly held the line to defend the people of their states.

As it turns out, Texas joins multiple other states in having an ongoing gubernatorial election. However, on Tuesday, the results of the Texas primary officially came in.

What to Know About Texas Elections This Year

In the governor’s primary races, Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke each won and beat various challengers within their own party.

Therefore, Abbott is going to be running against O’Rourke in the Texas general election; although, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the Texas governor. O’Rourke has a track record of losing elections and he’s consistently behind Abbott in the polls.

Meanwhile, in the lieutenant governor’s primary race, Republican Dan Patrick and Democrat  Mike Collier won their respective party’s primaries.

However, when it comes to the Texas attorney general primary, things get a little more detailed. Incumbent GOP Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing a primary challenge from Republican George P. Bush.

Since Paxton won 42.7% of the GOP vote, while Bush carried 22.8%, the pair are heading towards a runoff election that will take place in May. From there, whoever wins the runoff will face off against Democrat Rochelle Garza.

Keeping Texas Red

The various elections happening in the Lone Star State this year will be vital for the future of not just Texas, but also America. Democrats have already admitted that if they take Texas, they’ll be able to take the United States.

However, the silver lining here is many people have moved to red states like Texas to get away from Democrats in power. Meanwhile, Biden’s drastically low approval ratings have been shown to weigh Democrat candidates down.

Another thing to remember is that 2022 isn’t the first time leftists have tried to flip the Lone Star State blue. During the 2020 presidential election, Democrats worked hard to get Texas to go to Biden; however, this didn’t stop Trump from carrying the state.

Republicans definitely have the necessary tools and support to keep Texas a red state; however, Democrats will definitely be doing all they can to run interference.

What do you think about the latest outcomes from the Texas primary elections? Let us know in the comments area below if you think the Lone Star State will stay red.