The RNC Has Been Lying to You for Years!

It was over ten years ago when then-RNC Chair Michael Steele received severe criticism over his ridiculous overspending on private jet flights, floral arrangements, catering services, and expensive meetings in tropical areas.

Not long after, he lost his position, mainly due to the angry donors who were used to the stingy attitude that George W. Bush brought to the party. This was back when there was nothing too fancy about the holiday parties and the catering was still done by Chick-fil-A.

Report shows RNC spent over $500k of donor money on private jet expenses

With Steele’s departure, everyone thought those days were over, and the RNC would shift its focus to making better use of the donor money.

Yet, here we are once again, with the overspending making a comeback amidst the greatest economic crisis of the century.

It’s speculated that the three straight cycles of losses may have prompted both the donors and committee members to look into the RNC’s finances, more specifically the spending that’s been happening for the past two years.

It didn’t take long for a report to surface, outlining the committee’s spending for the 2021-22 period, with the analysis showing over $500k being spent on private jets and $320k on floral arrangements for the meetings and parties.

As bad as it sounds already, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Over $1.5 million more was spent on entertainment, catering services, clothing, spa fees, and other miscellaneous items on the list.

No respect for the everyday conservative

In an effort to compare the spending from the past two years to the rest of McDaniel’s tenure, the RNC’s expenditures from 2017 up until 2022 were also brought into the mix. Saying it’s a sh*tshow would be an understatement.

The majority of the expenditures are misclassified, as noted by the fact that $5k spent at Lululemon, a luxury sports apparel brand, was listed under “office expenses,” similar to two other expenditures totaling $9.3k at Madison Square Garden from 2017.

The list goes on, but it’s not hard to spot a pattern of irrational overspending on personal items, making it difficult for the average conservative to see hope for the future with the current, corrupt state of the RNC.

In fact, the 2021-22 period spending has actually been somewhat on par for the course. It’s even lower than what the committee spent in the previous years of McDaniel’s tenure, with filings showing almost $3.1 million being spent on private jets since 2017.

More than $150k has been spent on non-essential office expenses, including $7k on cupcakes and $25k on Commonwealth Joe coffee beans.

Over $100k was spent at high-end clothing retailers like Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, Carhartt, and most notably, Smathers and Branson, where one committee member decided to pay almost $450 on a pair of Uncle Sam Belgian Loafers.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.