The Stakes Just Got Higher For Hunter Biden

First son Hunter Biden is in the news quite a bit these days, albeit not for very good reasons.

He’s currently being federally investigated, due to allegations of him breaking the law in his efforts to conduct business, purchase a firearm, and allegedly dodge taxes.

A major factor that helped fuel this investigation was none other than the infamous laptop which Hunter discarded at a computer repair store several years ago.

However, Hunter’s return to the news this time deals with child support payments and other related disputes involving Lunden Alexis Roberts, a woman Hunter previously had a relationship with, according to Free Beacon.

Jail Time Coming?

Right now in court, Roberts is pushing for Hunter to serve time in jail, due to his failure to turn over documents revealing his earnings and investments.

According to Roberts’ attorneys, Hunter knows exactly what he’s doing and is partaking in a breach of court orders that is both “contemptuous” and “willful.”

Not only is Hunter trying to duck mandatory child support payments, but he’s also trying to keep his biological daughter Navy from being granted the use of the Biden surname. Hunter previously denied that Navy was his child before a paternity test proved his parentage.

Nothing is Adding Up

Hunter Biden is on record claiming not to have money or resources. Yet somehow, this hasn’t impeded his residency in Malibu, private jet trips, or other fancy excursions.

All things considered, it looks as though Hunter has plenty of resources at his disposal and just doesn’t want to share them with his daughter.

At this rate, it remains to be seen if Hunter is held in contempt of court and/or hit with jail time for not handing over the aforementioned financial records.

In light of all these details, critics have taken to social media to brand Hunter as a deadbeat father.