The Where, What and Why of 2A Sanctuary Cities

The Where, What and Why of 2A Sanctuary Cities

( – Democrats are attacking gun rights every chance they get, but some places are taking a stand. Second Amendment sanctuary cities have had it with the Left’s assault on the Constitution and are doing what they can to protect their citizens’ right to bear arms.

Simply put, they refuse to enforce state laws that restrict gun rights. After all, no American citizen should be forced to abide by laws that are blatantly unconstitutional.

Ground Zero

Virginia has recently been in the news because so many areas in the state are passing laws to protect Second Amendment rights. Democrats took control of the General Assembly in January and they have promised to enact stricter gun laws. More than 100 local governments in the state plan to be ready and have declared themselves 2A sanctuaries. Unfortunately, experts say this move is symbolic for the most part.

University of Virginia School of Law Professor Richard Schragger says,”It’s mostly a political statement.” He explains state laws supersede local laws, so city officials would have to comply.

These laws may be largely symbolic in Schragger’s opinion.

But not everyone agrees. “You ought not to have to abide by something that is blatantly unconstitutional,” argues Joyce Malcolm, a constitutional law professor at George Mason University

However, Virginia isn’t the only place with 2A sanctuary cities. More than 200 localities in 19 states have adopted laws to protect the right to bear arms guaranteed by the US Constitution.

Across the Country

In addition to Virginia, the most recent states to add themselves to this list include Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, and Arizona. A whopping 25 out of 33 counties in New Mexico are 2A sanctuaries and so are nearly two-thirds of the counties in Illinois.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is a group that supports the constitutional right to bear arms. Naturally, they also support the movement. In fact, the group was responsible for drafting more than 30 of the new laws protecting gun rights at the local level in the state of Virginia. According to the group, many law-abiding citizens in Virginia support 2A sanctuaries as well.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Philip Van Cleave, the group’s president. “Everything has exploded right now. Gun owners are awake.”

One thing’s for sure, they’ll have their work cut out for them because the radical Left is moving full steam ahead with their attacks on gun rights.

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