Tim Allen Refuses to Go “Woke”

"Tim Allen's Star on Hollywood Boulevard" by Loren Javier

After providing decades of good comedy for the average American family through shows like “Home Improvement” and, more recently, “Last Man Standing,” Tim Allen has finally chosen to make his political opinions public.

While it was already widely known the actor had an affinity towards the GOP, many Democrats were surprised to hear him express his support for former President Trump, whose clever speeches were praised by Allen on several occasions.

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Beloved all-American TV celebrity Tim Allen under fire from the libs

Naturally, this sparked backlash like none other.

Dozens of angry libs announced that they’ll be dropping their support for these two iconic shows, almost as if that would somehow affect their popularity, especially now that they’ve been immortalized in TV history.

What makes Allen stand out though, is his fearless and “no thought left unspoken” stance on political commentary. This isn’t a common thing among Hollywood celebrities, who often choose to be neutral or lean towards the left side of the political spectrum.

Even though he doesn’t tweet a lot, which is unsurprising for a man of his age, when he does, Allen makes it count.

Most recently, he claimed Biden’s appearance on “60 Minutes” was horrendous, quipping at the idea that Joe can barely tell how long the show is, let alone speak on some of the topics that were presented to him.

Despite the joke being absolutely harmless and pretty mild when compared to other comedians, “woke” Twitter tore into Allen. They told him to “go back to monkey noises,” ignoring the fact his career gave birth to an entire era of comedy on TV.

Hypocrisy from the Twitter libs

However, the Twitter fallout over something as mild as Allen’s tweet regarding “60 Minutes” is a clear indicator of where we’re at when it comes to the “woke” takeover.

To make matters worse, the joke was about Biden’s age and cognitive issues, which we all know are facts.

A simple dad joke on Allen’s part was enough to spark the entirety of left-leaning Twitter into harassing a beloved actor on social media; he barely said something that wasn’t true.

What followed was a series of tweets calling Allen a domestic terrorist over his vocal support for Trump and his MAGA agenda, with some even demanding Disney remove the iconic actor from their show, “The Santa Clauses,” which is set to air on November 16th.

Hilariously enough, a large majority of these people criticizing Allen’s mild joke about Biden are the same ones who previously wrote unspeakable things about Trump during his presidency.

Some called him a traitor, some a domestic terrorist, and some even dared to claim he was a Russian agent.

Political jokes and commentary have been around longer than most of these users. If they’re willing to dish out hate speech and threats toward the previous administration, they should be ready to handle some mild humor for the current one.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.