Top Biden Administration Official Steers Clear of Impeachment Talk

"Kamala Harris" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lorie Shaull

The Senate’s impeachment trial against ex-President Trump is reaching its inevitable end. Multiple GOP senators confirmed that House impeachment managers ultimately failed to make their case against the 45th president. Democrats did not, in fact, prove that Trump’s words on January 6 engendered the riot that followed later that day on Capitol Hill.

Yesterday, multiple Republicans in the Senate also convened with attorneys working on Trump’s behalf in this trial. On Thursday evening, Sen. Cruz spoke to Fox News about the realistic trajectory of the impeachment trial; in so doing, the Texas senator confirmed that all 99 of his colleagues know that this trial shall result in an acquittal.

“Kamala Harris” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Interestingly enough, the Biden administration appears to be distancing itself from talks of impeachment. Yesterday, the current vice president refused to directly answer a question that she was asked regarding the impeachment trial, confirms Newsmax.

The Interview with Kamala Harris

Yesterday, the vice president exchanged remarks with a left-leaning start-up known as The 19th. Harris talked about a series of matters; however, when questioned about the ongoing impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the vice president quickly pivoted.

Harris told The 19th that she is focused on Biden’s American Rescue Plan. After noting that many Americans are having some tough economic struggles, Harris explained that supporting “working” folks is necessary; she did not, however, speak about the adverse impacts that Biden’s energy policies and executive orders are having on working Americans in the oil and gas industries.

During Harris’ interview, she ultimately repeated many of the talking points to come from Biden himself, despite the lack of supportive action.

Steering Clear of Impeachment Talk

For whatever reasons, the Biden administration has collectively decided that steering clear of impeachment talk is in its best interest. When Biden’s White House press secretary was asked about whether the president would view impeachment proceedings, Psaki stated that Biden wouldn’t be giving too much focus towards it.

There are several possible reasons why the White House is avoiding public remarks about impeachment. One likely reason is that the Senate doesn’t have the 67 mandatory votes for a conviction. This is something that both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are aware of; lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are furthermore reported to be tiring of impeachment trial proceedings.

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