Transcripts of Flynn calls released, clearly show no wrongdoing


Transcripts of the phone calls made between Mike Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kisliak during the 2017 Presidential transition process have been released. The transcripts prove that there was no wrongdoing or suspicious activity on the part of Michael Flynn and that the investigation into him, including a perjury trap illegally set by the FBI, was initiated with no legal basis.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley made the transcripts public this week. They show that Mike Flynn was engaging in standard discussions that were routine for an incoming administration official. Flynn asked Kisliak to take a moderate, reciprocal response to the sanctions that the outgoing Obama administration placed on Russia for allegedly interfering in the US election by paying for a few Facebook ads.

Flynn engaged in routine negotiations

Flynn is recorded as telling Kisliak, “I ask Russia to do is to not, if anything, I know you have to have some sort of action, to only make it reciprocal; don’t go any further than you have to because I don’t want us to get into something that has to escalate tit-for-tat.”

Despite the completely routine nature of the call, compulsively anti-Russian, ethnically Polish FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka decided to investigate whether Flynn was in the pay of the Kremlin. Recent revelations have shown that they were directed to do so by Obama, likely to depose Flynn and prevent him from uncovering his administration’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Politicized FBI agents set a perjury trap

FBI by jossuppy, on FlickrFBI” (CC BY 2.0) by jossuppy


Pientka and Strzok used the phone call and threats to prosecute Flynn and his son under the Logan act to extract a guilty plea. The Logan act is an 18th-century law preventing individuals from masquerading as US diplomats. No one has ever been convicted under it. During the investigation. Flynn had to sell his house to cover the legal fees, adding to the pressure upon him to settle the case.

After Pientka and Strzok’s interviews with Flynn, Pientka, recorded interview notes that stated that he believed Flynn did not lie during the interview. Other documents have been released that show that the agents were considering setting a perjury trap for Flynn to prevent him from taking up the post of National Security Adviser.

In light of the FBI malpractice, the DOJ has tried to drop the case against Flynn. However, US District Judge Emmet Sullivan has refused to comply. Sullivan has close ties to leading Democrats including Joe Biden. He has hired a retired federal judge, John Gleeson, to argue that Flynn should be held in criminal contempt for pleading guilty. Gleeson’s prospects are meager given the evidence of blackmail on the part of the FBI.