Transportation Mask Mandates Extended into 2022

Face masks are a heated topic in the United States as of late. Right now, Americans are having some very real discussions and debates about face masks in schools. To be specific, Democrats and leftists are pushing hard for the forced masking of kids in schools; the left doesn’t even think parents deserve a say on if their kids wear masks.

Meanwhile, conservatives and Republicans are fighting for parents to have the final ruling on whether or not their kids wear masks in schools. Several GOP governors have even passed measures barring schools from implementing mask mandates.

Just earlier this week, however, news broke that transportation mask mandates have been extended into 2022, as Breitbart News confirms.

A Closer Look at the Extension of Transportation Mask Mandates

On Tuesday, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced the extension of the current mask mandate. The mandate requiring travelers to wear face coverings in airports, on airplanes, trains, buses and transit centers has been extended until January 18, 2022.

The extension comes amid reports of new cases caused by the Delta variant. As things currently stand, the Delta variant appears to be impacting vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals alike. Recently, reports came out that a Southwest airline worker who was fully vaccinated against COVID still died from the virus.

Before the public announcement of the extended transportation mask mandate, airlines were reportedly made aware during a phone conference with TSA and the CDC. Before the extension, this mask mandate would have expired next month on September 13.

More Mask Mandate Extensions to Come?

At this time, it is fair to predict that there will likely be more extensions of the transportation mask mandate. The current administration in the White House is all on board with mandates and with exerting control over the American people.

Of course, alongside the announcement of the extended mask mandate came the rehearsed line that the extension is meant to stop COVID from spreading. This is something Americans have heard for quite some time.

It’s very much apparent that Democrats in D.C. and unelected health bureaucrats will do everything in their power to extend mandates for as long as possible. This is yet another reason why Republican leadership is necessary at the federal level.

Americans should not be shocked if Biden finds another excuse to extend the transportation mask mandate as January 18, 2022 gets closer. At this point, it’s all about control; public health is simply being used as the cover story.

What do you think about the recent extension of the transportation face mask mandate? Do you believe COVID mandates are about public health or controlling the public? We want to get your thoughts on this latest breaking news below in the comments section.