Travel Bans Against African Nations Ending Soon

The omicron variant of COVID is supposed to be milder, yet apparently more contagious than other strains of COVID. Nevertheless, health officials have claimed that people should take more precautions in light of this new variant.

People are being advised to reconsider their holiday plans; although, judging from the high rates of travel happening this Christmas season, many Americans are eager to live their lives.

In light of the omicron variant, there’s been more and more pressure for people to get their booster shots. However, even people who are fully vaccinated and boosted are coming down with cases of COVID, as seen this month.

However, in spite of omicron, the federal government is doing away with travel restrictions imposed upon eight African nations, as Fox News reports.

Rolling Back Travel Restrictions

When Biden announced travel restrictions upon eight nations in Africa back in November, he cited the measure as a step of precaution.

Never mind the fact that when Trump implemented travel restrictions against China, Biden and other Democrats screamed it was xenophobic.

The White House has since been pressed about the double standards, yet has chosen not to explain why travel restrictions are not xenophobic under Biden, yet xenophobic under Trump.

Nevertheless, a Biden administration aide confirmed this week the rolling back of travel restrictions against the eight countries in Africa. Per this aide, the travel restrictions will cease to be in effect on December 31, right in time for the new year.

The White House furthermore explained this lifting of the travel bans comes as America now has more information about omicron than we had last month. Therefore, it’s been determined that individuals coming from countries in Africa will not pose serious threats.

Individuals coming into the United States are still required to show proof of a negative COVID test before entry. This is applicable to both foreign travelers and American citizens. The rule likewise stands for both vaccinated, unvaccinated, boosted, and unboosted people.

What to Expect in 2022

The travel ban against African nations has been widely panned as pointless and ineffective by critics. This is especially the case in light of the reality that vaccinated people and boosted people are not in the clear when it comes to this virus.

Omicron cases have been appearing most frequently in individuals who have received their shots against COVID. At best, the explanations from public health officials on this matter has been dicey with much room for questions.

In light of this, many people are wondering whether or not 2022 will bring new restrictions or the rolling back of mandates seen in 2020 and 2021. In truth, only time will tell.

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