Trump Allegedly Sought Meeting With Hillary Clinton After 2016 Election

Many Americans remember the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. Despite polls and the mainstream media declaring that Hillary Clinton would win the race, Donald Trump won and went on to become the 45th president.

Clinton gave her concession speech, while Trump delivered his victory speech. Then, not long afterward, Trump’s critics began accusing him of colluding with the Russian government in order to essentially steal the election from Clinton.

Of course, legal reviews into these claims revealed there was no merit to them whatsoever. Some of the many officials to join Trump in the White House were his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner.

Now, Kushner is coming out with a brand new book. According to Yahoo News, Trump reached out to his eldest daughter for a meeting with Hillary Clinton in the aftermath of his 2016 election win.

Reviewing This Claim From Kushner’s Upcoming Book

Kushner’s new book “Breaking History” is set to come out tomorrow. In this White House memoir, the ex-president’s son-in-law describes his efforts to essentially extend the olive branch to Clinton.

According to Kushner, Trump reached out to Ivanka in order to get a one-on-one meeting with his now former election rival. Ivanka Trump is then said to have contacted Chelsea Clinton to set up a meeting between their parents.

However, once Hillary Clinton decided to back recount efforts regarding the 2016 election by the Green Party’s Jill Stein, Trump walked back his efforts to make amends with Clinton.

When the 45th president initially tried to reach out to Clinton, he did so with the intention of bringing the country together, per Kushner.

More on Kushner’s New Book

Breaking History is going to provide Kushner’s firsthand account of working in the Trump White House. With the release of this memoir, Americans will naturally have a chance to gain a different perspective on the Trump administration than what was often presented by the media.

Ivanka Trump has been encouraging her followers and supporters to also purchase her husband’s book.

Just yesterday, Kushner sat down with political podcaster Mark Levin in order to discuss Breaking History and what Americans can ultimately expect to learn when they purchase this book.

Coincidentially, this new memoir comes out as many Americans are speculating as to whether or not Trump is going to run for office in 2024.

Over the weekend, a writer with the New York Times stated it may be more expedient for Trump to talk about a 2024 presidential run, rather than actually going through with it, owing to legal issues he faces.

Are you excited to read Jared Kushner’s new book about his time working in the Trump administration? You’re welcome to let us know your views about this new memoir in the comments area.